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When does the 2010 Oregon Legislative Special Session Start?


The official start date for the 2010 Oregon Legislature’s Special Session will be posted on the Legislature’s webpage. The likely start date is Monday, February 1, 2010, but do check to make sure that isn’t changed.

On a related note, and at the risk of making the demand for their excellent reference service greater than the supply of Legislative Liaisons, I need to put another word of praise in for our Oregon Legislative Liaisons, who can be contacted at 503-986-1000 (phone number at bottom of the Legislature’s homepage).

If you need a quick (and even a not so quick) Legislative Question answered, they are your Go To People. For example, what about those questions you just can’t find quickly, or at all, on their website?

1) When does the next Legislation Session Start?
2) I have a bill number. Did it become law?
3) Where on your website is the superseded ORS?
4) Was there a bill last session on towing?

You can find answers to some of your questions at the Legislature’s website and you can also find answers to these questions at your local public or law library, but sometimes we just need to phone the Legislative Liaisons.

And, if you’ve never listened to a Legislative Hearing, try it out. You learn a lot – along with your legislators who sometimes have to learn on the job, too. (So do librarians! You don’t think I have all this stuff inside my head, do you?)

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