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Will Librarians Do Almost Anything for a Gold Book Cart?


From the July 13, 2009, ATC, NPR story, Librarians Go Wild for Gold Book Cart:

‘….Five teams of librarians — dressed in costumes ranging from Vikings to Elvis Presley — competed for the coveted gold book cart. They marched in drill-team formation, equipped with metal book carts.

Gretchen Roltgen, a 62-year-old librarian with neon blue hair, says it’s a long way from Baraboo, Wis., to “the big dance.”

“Our carts at home don’t do wheelies as well as the models we use here. These are full-competition models,” she says. “Absolutely, they’re built for this type of rigorous competition.” ….

The team from Oak Park, Ill., makes the day’s most dramatic entrance. They swoop in wearing full Viking regalia, including horns, breast plates and swords.

See pictures and read article at NPR website.

For more library book cart competition, see Unshelved’s Pimp My Bookcart Contest, an annual tradition since 2006.

Now, about those Sacred Stacks and Higher Purposes of Libraries and Librarians ….Google Image Librarians.

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