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Wine Law: Behind the Bottle


We just got our copy of this book on wine law. As you might imagine, the business of winemaking and wineries is full of law and business, plus the fun part, people, food, and wine.

Book Review: The Little Red Book of Wine Law: A Case of Legal Issues, by Heather A. Phillips, July 17, 2009.

I’ve traveled a little bit in Italy’s wine country (and there is nothing quite like listening to the grapevines talking to each other at night when they think you are sleeping) and here in Oregon. It’s a hard business, as any farming is, and the stories and dramas behind the bottle, so to speak, are the stuff of literature, not just how-to books.

(I also recently read “Gracious & ruthless : surprising strategies for business success,”by Susan Sokol Blosser, illustrated by Oregon’s very funny political cartoonist, Jack Ohman. (Blosser also wrote “At home in the vineyard : cultivating a winery, an industry, and a life,” which is at home, awaiting a quiet moment and the tough decision on what wine to drink while reading.)

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