PI BUZZ: How to Find a Woman’s Maiden Name: A Checklist of 90 Sources

When Private Investigators (like PI Buzz), Genealogists, and iLibrarians collaborate, Information Magic happens. For example:

PI Buzz’s Private Investigator Research Links from August 2012 include this:

Places for Finding a Woman’s Maiden Name: A Checklist of 90 Sources (from an Aug. 17 post at the Genealogy Blog, which has lots of other great posts)

(Note: not every culture has this tradition of women taking a husband’s name and the tradition is shifting even in the U.S. as we speak/write.)

There is even more from PI Buzz so keep them on your Blogroll. Check out their Private Investigator Research Links and other invaluable tips. Here are a few more links from recent PI Buzz Research Links:

1) Instant Google Street View
2) Startpage Search Engine
3) Pronounciation guide

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