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2011 State of the Oregon Judiciary


You can view the 2011 State of Judiciary presentation by Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz at the OJD website. And you can read the transcript, too.

If the State of the Courts Addresses link does not work, you can also link to it from the OJD News webpage (and then click on What’s New). You’ll see the link to the 1/25/11 presentation by the Chief Justice to the City Club of Salem.

Some legal-research and access to justice related highlights from the Chief Justice’s speech:

“… I said then that the courts of the future would rely on technology to remain open and accessible to Oregonians. I am pleased to report that our Oregon eCourt program has been implemented for small claims and landlord-tenant cases in five pilot courts, and those courts have processed nearly 35,000 cases in electronic files. That means we have not had to store, locate, retrieve, and continually update a stack of paper files that would measure about 720 feet tall — which is more than four times the height of our State Capitol. Now we are negotiating with a technology company to bring Oregon eCourt to all trial courts in the state….

When fully implemented, the public will be able to access any Oregon court, 24 hours a day, seven days a week….” (Read full speech.)

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One response to “2011 State of the Oregon Judiciary”

  1. John Gear says:

    A really easy, useful no-cost improvement in giving the public better access to Oregon courts now is if the Chief would require all trial courts to post their calendars/dockets on the court websites.

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