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Oregon Forfeiture Law: I know “everyone” says that they spend 15 minutes reading the Oregonian and about the same with the OSB Bulletin, but you miss an awful lot if that is all the time you give either publication. I suppose that is why I link to these publications here even though One Would Think everyone would have read the highlighted stories. So here we go: The latest issue of the OSB Bulletin, which can be read for no charge at the OSB web site (current issue link is at the home page), has at least two stories (I’ve not finished reading the issue yet) worth your time, one for information and the other for pleasure. One is about Oregon’s forfeiture laws (and the October 19th Supreme Court ruling upholding Measure 3) and the other is footnotes. Every lawyer has something to say, at great length, about footnotes, but this latest article will still make you laugh.

Today’s Oregonian story I linked to earlier today (titled, Beware of Legal Advice From Friends) (I’ll fix the perm link soon).

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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out. Your faithful OSB Bulletin editor thanks you very kindly for the blog attention.

    Our research, by the way, actually shows that both the median and mean average time that OSB members read the Bulletin is closer to 30 minutes. Of course, I’d like it to be higher, but I know how busy my readers are. The number compares favorably to other magazines and journals, so I guess I shouldn’t be so disappointed.

    In any event, what a pleasant surprise to see my vocation (the Bulletin) intersect with my avocation (blogging)!

    Keep up the good work. I like this site, and I’ll be bookmarking it.

    (and you know where to find me)

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