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Condo Law and the Dance of Bloggers:

See more Condo Law Resources over at Shlep for more (thank you David!).

The Dance of Bloggers: Yes, as you’ve noticed, Bloggers do cite to one another, which is a good thing. It’s oddly efficient (or at least it seems that way to me) and keeps us connected, unless we start citing to each other exclusively – but I suspect there’s small likelihood of that happening. Speaking of which (so you can see how *my* brain works!), I recently gave to a young lawyer my “don’t let someone else (meaning Westlaw and Lexis in that instance) do your research for you” talk (well, lecture really :-). You need to dig in to the research, when it matters, from different angles, and not just let the digests or the databases do it for you, nor other people, though of course you use all these tools – just don’t use only one of them. There was a wonderful Stanford Law Review article written years ago by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, “Why do we tell the same stories? Law reform, critical librarianship, and the triple helix dilemma,” (42 Stanford Law Rev 207 (1989). It’s a lot longer than my lecture on the “who’s doing your research for you,” but much more interesting and provocative.

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