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Small Business Legal Clinic: I’m rushing around for the next few days so don’t yet have all the links for this story, but did want to pass the news along. Tuesday’s (10/3/06) Portland Tribune reported on the opening of a new clinic staffed by Lewis & Clark Law Students offering, “free and low-cost legal assistance to owners of small business.” The story reports that the grant funding is from the city and Portland Business Alliance. (There may be others – this was a tiny story, more a blurb, at the bottom of page 2.) Law librarians and public librarians field a lot of information requests from small businesses and this specialized expertise is most welcome. The clinic, Small Business Legal Clinic, is at 422 NW Everett, in Old Town, Portland (see , our neighborhoods are now part of our addresses – we love our neighborhoods).

Right next to this blurb was another story about the archives at the City Auditor’s office. There will be an open house at the Stanley Parr Archives & Records Center. This bodes well for online access to historical record.

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