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Sex offender registry, Recycling, Wireless Trespass, Bench Trial Acquitals, Harry Potter and the Law:

It’s a busy day in my OLR Blog world:

1) State Police (sex offender registry): The Oregonian reports today (6/29) that the Oregon State Police will launch on Friday a (not “the”) sex offender whereabouts web site. There isn’t yet anything on their web site, but stay tuned.

2) Dell computer recycling (via beSpacific) now not dependent on a new purchase. It’s time to do a little office cleanup.

3) “Wireless” Trespass: New law review article, “Accessing the Internet Through the Neighbor’s Wireless Internet Connection: Physical Trespass in Virtual Reality,” in 84 Nebraska Law Rev. 1226 (2006). Available also through SSRN. Linked to from Law Librarian Blog, June 29th posting.

4) Another 2 reasons to read Volokh Conspiracy: Link to interesting commentary on why federal judges (in bench trials) appear to acquit more than juries do and to Harry Potter and the Law. What more could you want to keep your legal research brain cells from atrophying?

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  1. Shelley says:

    There’s also a place in Cornelius where just about anything can be recycled (and used parts can be purcahsed). There’s a fee for recycling monitors, but everything else is free.

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