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Public Library Q&A: Bankruptcy Law: One of the most frequently asked questions we get via email or forwarded to us from public librarians is from library patrons who want to file for bankruptcy and want to find forms. Here is one of the answers we frequently provide:

Answer: If you live in Oregon, I recommend you review ALL the materials on bankruptcy at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Oregon web site.

Also, Nolo Press publishes books and articles for non-attorneys who want legal information on bankruptcy and many other subjects. Some of their books may also be at your local public library.

You may also find it necessary to do more in-depth bankruptcy legal research involving statutes, regulations, and case law and your county’s law library may be able to provide resources for that research.

We also always recommend that you contact the Oregon State Bar, which has a lot of very helpful information for the public. You may also phone their Information and Referral Services number, at 503-684-3763, to ask about low cost legal services.

Many people assume they are not able to afford an attorney. This is incorrect. Apart from the fact that NOT consulting an attorney may end up costing you far more than consulting one, and apart from the fact that are instances when hiring an attorney is cost-prohibitive, don’t assume you can’t afford one and do take advantage of all your state and city’s resources in order to find the qualified legal assistance you need.

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