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62 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads


iLibrarian alerts us to this gem of a post from a Syracuse School of Information Studies:

61 Non-librarian Jobs for LIS grads

For a bonus point, #62, read about how librarian skills translate into city management skills at Will Manley’s blog post, Shooting Bullets:

“… Who ever heard of library science as a proper preparation for city management? That’s what my city council wanted to know.  So I gave them my list:

E-government Experience – You want to implement e-government?  The library is way ahead of all the other departments.

Cost Effectiveness – You want the biggest bang for your buck?  The library has the lowest of all the departmental budgets but serves more people, and is the most heavily trafficked municipal building by far.

Community Involvement – You want someone who knows the community?  The library is in the middle of the city whereas city hall is downtown on the northern fringes of the city….” [Link to Will’s full list at his 9/27/11 blogpost.]

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