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AALL PDX 2008: Post #1 Descent of the Law Librarians!!


In July 2008, about 2,000 law librarians and their families will descend upon Portland, Oregon. Many will arrive just in time for a conference, from July 12th to 15th, but many others will arrive earlier, stay longer, travel Oregon and Washington and Idaho and Montana and (enough!), and some may even decide to stay – forever.

So, if you see this in the title field, AALL PDX 2008, the blog posting contains information for law librarians and others who plan to attend the 2008 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, July 12th to 15th, 2008. You can also use it in the search box later to find all the AALL PDX 2008 posts.

These posts will cover a wide variety of content, from food, to travel, to advice, to weather, etc. Our main purpose is to include for our fellow law librarians some of the more offbeat or oft-missed sights and sounds. It also might include some of our own personal favorite Portland Plus places and things, like Portlandia, Dan & Louie’s, the Horse Project, the Gold Man atop the State Capitol (it’s a long distance relationship between him and Portlandia, so don’t ask).

The postings in AALL PDX 2008 will not (NOT) substitute for the forthcoming (in 2008) official AALL Annual Meeting’s blog and website, articles in the AALL Spectrum, on Law-lib, at the Portland Visitor’s Center, or articles published here and there by members of the various local and national Annual Meeting committees, such as Hospitality and Publicity.

These Oregon Legal Research blog AALL PDX 2008 postings are primarily for fun and a maybe a little edification – but mostly because we’re so pleased you are coming to visit and we can’t help ourselves from blogging about it. (We also are kinda busy and don’t want to leave all this exchange of info to the last couple of months before the conference when we’ll be going a little crazy.)

The OLR blog contributors are local and love it – and they want everyone else to fall in love with Portland (though we don’t encourage you to move here – the traffic tells us that way too many people have done that already, so as a previous governor said, come and visit but please don’t stay). Our current Governor says otherwise, but he lives in Salem, which is still lovely and peaceful, so what does he know (actually, quite a lot, but that’s the subject of another post).

Oh yeah, the posts will be irregular and erratic and every other kind of er, ir, or ur and even um you can think up, with the, um, exception of urbane. We are not Urbane, we are not The Beautiful People, and we’re not Mega Cool (though some of us are, we admit, a little bit Like Wow). But we expect a lot of you will be and we hope to see you all here, with or without cargo pants, Birkenstocks with or without socks, but ready and rarin’ to eat, drink, and shop tax-free in Oregon.

8/24/07 Update: You can also find all AALL 2008 posts by putting AALL08 in the search box.

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