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AALL PDX 2008: Post #2: Movie Madness


I’m not sure if it is right to begin our AALL PDX 2008 posts (the intro AALL08 post is here) with Movie Madness, but the toss up was among Movie Madness, Voodoo Donuts, and Crater Lake, so hold your fire. Voodoo Donuts may get its own posting in time (so don’t finish your coffee) and so will Crater Lake. The Church of Elvis has not yet been resurrected so it’s not on our short list.

If you visit Portland and if you care at all about movies, you have to visit Movie Madness. Where else will you see the Psycho Knife and other such noteworthy one-of-a-kind items AND visit a Portland “Neighborhood” (92 at last count – can you stand it!).

Anyway, here’s the Movie Madness website again, in case you missed it the first few times I linked to it. And to be fair, it is not the only terrific local movie rental business in town. There is also Video Lair, Video Verite, Trilogy Video, and Clinton Street Video (all in neighborhoods worth visiting).

Note: I am not a movie person oddly enough, but I love that they exist – they are magic – just not my favorite magic. Go figure.

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