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Access to Justice: ABA Report from Commission on Future of Legal Services


Read the ABA article and the report:

“Can the access-to-justice gap be closed? These recommendations might make it possible,” by Victor Li and James Podgers, ABA Journal, August 06, 2016.

And read Bob Ambrogi’s comments on the report, at his LawSites Blog post:

ABA Future Panel Calls for Broad Changes But Hedges on Key Issues

Last, but not least, and if you’re so inclined, I’ve started a list of A2J Twitter tags, all of which I found at the ABA A2J Resource Center and the SRLN, a website, and organization, for A2J providers. I’ll update this list periodically:

#tagactiongroup (Canada)
#A2J (IL)
#civillegalaid (MA)

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