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Next Big Thing: National Conference on Copyright of State Legal Materials


National Conference on Copyright of State Legal Materials

If you don’t think it matters, i.e. free access to current and historical local law, then you aren’t paying attention.

We can also only hope that any copyright law overhaul will be rational; Congress is involved. But there are a few good people in Congress so make your voices heard.

“Cost: $75.00

Register by November 2, 2016

A surge in legislation and lawsuits on the copyright status of state legal materials has raised concerns about the principles of open government and the free accessibility and use of these materials. The goal of the conference is to bring together legal information professionals, policymakers, copyright experts, and others to explore policy and practical issues related to copyrighted state legal materials and discuss possible solutions to ensure more state legal information is in the public domain.

Cosponsored by AALL and Boston University School of Law”

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