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Adult Adoption in Oregon


You will need to research statutes and regulations on adult adoption in Oregon, but the following might be good places to start to get an overview of the process, sample forms, and other helpful tips:

1) Link to the Oregon State Bar (OSB) brochure on adoption, from the OSB website (if this direct link doesn’t work). (There is a small section on Adult Adoptions in the Adoption brochure.)

2) A 2003 Oregon State Bar CLE,  “The ABC’s of Adoption” (in print only): this is not current law, but will give a good overview of the whys and wherefores of adult adoption.

3) The Oregon State Bar, Professional Liability Fund, has a “Checklist for Processing Adult Adoptions,” last updated 12/2011 (they will update as needed). (You can use Google to locate this PDF or ask a librarian for search assistance. You do not need to log in to the OSB PLF website.)

4) The Google: These warnings apply whenever you use “the Internet” to research the law: Be Careful. Be very careful. Not all legal information you find online is up to date – in fact, unless you know how to research the law, how to update it, and how to apply it, assume the worst. Only a lawyer licensed in Oregon can give you legal advice or represent you. A paralegal cannot complete your paperwork, cannot tell you which laws apply, and cannot represent you in court. Please do not pay a “paralegal” to complete any paperwork unless that paralegal is under the supervision of an Oregon attorney and you have an attorney-client relationship with that attorney. When in doubt, contact the Oregon State Bar.

5) Adult adoptions have almost as many ramifications as child adoptions. Talk to a lawyer. Please. A consultation with a lawyer licensed in Oregon can save you time and money, and grief, your own and that of the person you want to adopt.

The Oregon State Bar Information and Referral Service has a toll free number to call to get names of attorneys in your area; call their referral service at 503-684-3763 or 1-800-452-7636.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog is for research purposes only.  We do not provide legal advice, nor do we endorse any person, product, or company.

Disclaimer: It is against state law for library staff members to engage in any conduct that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law (ORS 9.160, 9.166 and 9.21).  They may not interpret statutes, cases or regulations, perform legal research, recommend or assist in the preparation of forms, or advise patrons regarding their legal rights.  They may, however, assist patrons in locating materials or links that would aid in individual research.

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