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April 21st Update: Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Copyright Dispute


If you want to follow this story, here are direct links and suggested searches:

1) Further discussion of this topic can be found at Jack Bog’s Blog, see post and comments here: “Don’t you dare post Oregon laws on the internet!

2) See also Loaded Orygun post, here.

3) Or, search Google News with these words: Oregon copyright

4) Also, search Justia Blawg Search with these words: oregon copyright (then click on sort by date AND sort by relevance for a variety of hits)

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There is a long history to these disputes. If you want to read the history of legal publishing, public access, and law librarian and indendent publisher efforts to protect public access to the law, one place to begin is at the Rhode Island Press, in Ken Svengalis’ book, Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual.

Others include here and here.

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