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Become self-employed with your e-book


The Library Link of the Day today (6/22) links to an inspiring June 19th, 2007, CNN Money story by Paul Sloan about writers who are making a very good living publishing their own e-books:

Virtual book, real money: E-books don’t have the cachet of a New York Times best-seller, but how many writers will turn their noses up at $300,000 a year?”

Direct link and excerpt from Paul Sloan’s CNN Money story :

“Jinjee Talifero and her husband hate meat, despise milk, and disapprove of stoves. Cooked food, to them, is poison. And while they aren’t the first health nuts to become what are known as raw vegans, they may be among the shrewdest. They’ve turned their lifestyle into a healthy business, thanks to the power of the e-book.

Talifero, 40, writes and sells titles like “The Garden Diet” and “Raising Raw Vegan Children.” She pulled in $120,000 last year and expects to double that in 2007 — all for working a few hours a day with a subject that is her passion. Says Talifero, who lives in the secluded valley of Ojai, Calif., “I feel grateful.”

During the first Internet boom, lots of people predicted that e-books would replace paper books. That obviously hasn’t happened, but the Web is filled with authors like Talifero who are making money and attracting readership that most paperbound authors would envy.

Take Aaron Wall, 27, a self-taught expert in the art of search engine optimization, or SEO. He sells his “Seo Book” for $79 and earns about $300,000 a year. He’s even rejected an offer to turn “Seo Book” into an old-fashioned print version. “What’s the point?” Wall asks….”

Personally, I wouldn’t call them e-books. It seems so retro, not to mention lacking any sort of kick. I would, if forced to use one letter only, perhaps call them Y-Books. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? :-))

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