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Your Big Brother eBook is Watching You: Big Data Equals Big Business


Your eBook (and its publisher) knows what pages you skipped, it knows what you write in the margins, it keeps track of when you read and when you shop … it knows all about you. It gets worse:

Pew Research Internet Project: The Future of Privacy: Digital Life in 2025: “George Orwell may have been an optimist”

‘”…. This report is a look into the future of privacy in light of the technological change, ever-growing monetization of digital encounters, and shifting relationship of citizens and their governments that is likely to extend through the next decade. “We are at a crossroads,” noted Vytautas Butrimas, the chief adviser to a major government’s ministry. He added a quip from a colleague who has watched the rise of surveillance in all forms, who proclaimed, “George Orwell may have been an optimist,” in imagining “Big Brother.”’ [page 5]

“…. Privacy and security are foundational issues of the digital world:

Our question seemed so apt to respondent Breanne Thomlison, the founder and president of BTx2 Communications, a marketing and strategies firm, that she predicted there will soon be a new job title called, “Online Public Safety and Corporate Monetization Director.” Its functions: to monitor, create, gain, and maintain trust on a global level, as well as manage expectations from each group. “Without this, innovation will not happen,” she predicted.

An executive at an Internet top-level domain name operator who preferred to remain anonymous replied, “Big data equals big business. Those special interests will continue to block any effective public policy work to ensure security, liberty, and privacy online….” [page 7] [Link to full report.]

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