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Free Online Pre-nuptial Agreement for Pets (Pet Nup) (UK law!)


From ABA Journal: UK lawyer creates online prenup for pets,” Jan 1, 2015, by L.J. Jackson:

While many people treat pets like family members, courts take a different view. Pets are considered personal property, meaning Fido has the same status as a household appliance. So when a relationship sours, custody disputes involving pets can turn particularly contentious.

…. In an effort to avoid just this sort of problem, one U.K. family law attorney has created a prenuptial agreement for pet purchases. Pet Nup is a free download that covers ownership, responsibilities and rights in the event of a relationship breakdown, with the goal of keeping pet welfare at its heart….” [Link to ABA article.]

Link to the (UK law!) online forms and the Quick Guide to the Blue Cross UK Pet Nup.

Find other Pet Nup articles by searching the phrase pet nup in your favorite search engine.

Disclaimer: This is a document for use in the United Kingdom! Please ask a lawyer in your state for a lawful Pet Nup agreement.

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