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Celebrating 1,004 Blawg Posts: Law and kids, traffic, lawyers, building codes, divorce, and laughs


This is my Oregon Legal Research blog’s 1,004th post, so this one looks back. Here are a few of the most recent popular posts if haven’t already found them.

1) Babysitting and leaving kids alone (and the law) posts are by far the most popular. Go figure. Parenting is rough; sometimes you just need to get away.

2) Beat Your Traffic Ticket (and the follow-up)

3) How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon guide and follow-up, How to Pay an Attorney in Oregon.

4) Ten Things Not to Do During Your Divorce (and its companion)

5) Blogging for Lawyers (and multi-author follow-up) (and the most obvious and lamentable omission: Inter Alia!)

6) Building Codes in Oregon, and the previous one here.

7) Community Property Rights in Oregon

8) The Law Librarian and the FBI: A Shaggy Dog Tale in Six Parts (with limerick!)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

And a few of my favorites (for sanity if not for continuing education):

· Each month a new Bedsworth!
· Unshelved (especially when they link to things like this and the librarian-brain ones)
· My Teams (!) here and here and here. (I may not know them personally, but they are on my team and I on theirs.)

Sorry, no political blogs that I can name. I’m a bit of a policy wonk (that UG degree in public admin and JD are to blame I suppose – or maybe they are just the consequences of a wonk-brain), but since I Blork and am a public, and a very civil, servant, I can’t really link to my favorites political sites, but I can link to this (doesn’t everyone?)

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