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“Center for Plain Language” and “Associations Unlimited”


If you are very lucky, you learn something new every day:

1) Did you know there was a Center for Plain Language? What might they do?

In a nutshell: “The Center for Plain Language wants government and business documents to be clear and understandable.” (Don’t we all!)

2) Also, do you remember the wonderful reference book, “Encyclopedia of Associations“? Well, it’s online now (and has been for some time) and probably at your public library (e.g. through the WCCLS, though you will find it under the new name, “Associations Unlimited”).

Most Oregonians are very lucky – their public library patrons (you and me) have remote access to many databases through the Oregon Statewide Database Licensing Program. Just visit your own public library’s website and look for its database listings.

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