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Don’t be a Sucker! Be a Smart Consumer, a Skeptic, or Simply Indulge Your Curiosity


I love reading consumer news, whether it’s sad stories or great tips in my local newspapers, consumer lawyer websites, or the multitude of consumer protection sites offered up by state and federal governments, e.g. Oregon’s DOJ and the U.S. FTC.

You always learn something, though in the process you may become a bit jaded. But, better jaded than a sucker!

Here are some additional links I’ve collected recently from reading or listening to a few of my favorite consumer law sources:

1) Oregonian Complaint Desk and Oregonian It’s Only Money column

2) Looks Too Good to Be True (and check out their links, too)

3) Skeptics, Promoting Science and Critical Thinking

4) Urban Legends and Myths (via Snopes)

5) Consumer Reports Magazine

6) Recalls, Food, Cars, Medicines, Boats, etc.

7) Links from public libraries, e.g. Multnomah Public Library Consumer weblinks

There are more, many more, but I’ll save those for future blog posts.

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