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Citing Unpublished Opinions and Copyrights & Legal Briefs


Legal Research Plus blog has had (at least) two very interesting posts this past week:

1) Writing the book on citing unpublished and non-precedential opinions, July 27, 2009, by Paul Lomio:

Excerpt: ‘Today’s mail brought Volume 10, Issue # 1 (Spring 2009) of The Journal of Appellate Practice and Procedure. This issue contains Professor David R. Cleveland’s book-length (116 pages) article “Overturning the Last Stone: The Final Step in Returning Precedential Status to All Opinions.”…’ (link to full post)

2) And, these posts on copyright, online publishing, and follow-up at the Volokh Conspiracy:

LexisNexis and Westlaw violating copyright?, July 23, 2009,Paul Lomio and its follow-up post, Read the Letter – Update: LexisNexis and Westlaw Violating Copyright?, July 23, 2009, Erika Wayne

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