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Clocks Change on Sunday, March 8, 2009


Clocks change Sunday, 2 a.m., March 8th, 2009: Jump, spring, fall, collapse FORWARD (and sadly lose) one hour.

I know. It feels as if we just went through this – and we did!

You’re not really saving any daylight (what a thought!), and, the clocks don’t really change – they just hiccup, forward or backward. But you have to go with the plan, or miss a lot of great dinner dates.

It could be worse. The clocks might be in charge of whomever is in residence at the White House or NASA or or this guy – or you could travel a lot and have to keep up with everyone’s time changes.

Here is a Time Change grid (with a nifty little toggle in the Year column), for those who plan ahead.

And if you’re wondering what Standard Time is, I haven’t a clue – and desperately need a nap.

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