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Constitution Day 2009 in Oregon


Constitution Day is Thursday, September 17, 2009. I won’t be celebrating in my usual way, but will acknowledge the day by giving out free pocket U.S. Constitutions at the Washington County Law Library, in Hillsboro.

For more information about Constitution Day:

1) Constitution Day is Every Day, at the Law Librarian Blog.

2) Library of Congress, Constitution Day

And if you want to read about the proposals (and struggles) to revise, rewrite, and reorganize the Oregon Constitution, here are a couple of articles:

1) Oregon State Bar Bulletin, May 2009 on “An Oregon Constitutional Convention?” (and a Letter to the Editor, from Randall Kester, in the August/September 2009 issue).

2) Oregon Law Review, vol. 87, #3, 2008: “Should the Oregon Constitution be Revised, and If So, How Should it be Accomplished,” by Robert F. Williams. (Article will eventually be available online at the OLR website.) (Entire symposium issue is entitled: “150 Years of Oregon Constitutional Law Reflecting Back and Looking Forward”)

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