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The County Law Library: A free and valuable legal research resource


From the Law Office Manager website:

The County Law Library: Don’t overlook this free and valuable legal resource

“According to just about every legal management article, webinar, or podcast, the landscape of the legal market in the past few years has changed—dramatically. Clients, it seems, are firmly in the driver’s seat. And with an abundance of legal service providers, these clients are demanding efficient and cost-effective solutions, leading many firms to rethink their infrastructures and find innovative ways to do more with fewer resources.

As the office manager, it’s your job to assess the value of every resource available to you. And one resource you may be overlooking is your county law library (the “CLL”).
The CLL is about much more than just housing books. According to Mark Estes, librarian for the Bernard E. Witkin Law Library in Alameda County, it’s actually ‘a bridge connecting people with resources.’

When you collaborate with your CLL, here are just a handful of the resources your firm will be connected with: ….” [Link to full article at the Law Office Manager website.]

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