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“A Cure Worse than the Disease? Oregon’s New Social Media Law”


The May 2014 OSB Bulletin has this article: A Cure Worse than the Disease? Oregon’s New Social Media Law,” by Dan Webb Howard.


“.... A Law of Unintended Consequences?

Unfortunately, while HB 2654 has an admirable purpose, there are some serious problems with the way it was drafted. Consequently, it could end up harming employees more than it protects them and imposing much greater costs and liabilities on employers than the legislature ever intended.

This article explores three of the most serious issues raised by HB 2654. Ultimately, the true impact of the law will depend in large measure on how the courts end up resolving these issues. Until then, this article offers some suggested strategies that employers and employees might utilize to mitigate the problems created by the law’s uncertainties….” [Link to full text of the article.]

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