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Oregon Legal Separation Packet: Samples, Not Updated!!


Legal self-help is a bit of a crap-shoot unless you have official (i.e. court sanctioned and current) legal forms or the guiding hand of an attorney, but sometimes one has to plug along the best one can.

Public law librarians not infrequently get requests for legal separation forms. Oregon has, rather had, legal separation forms, and still, sort of, does have them. But, well, read on:

Disclaimer! Warning!

  • Check with your court’s Probate Department before using these forms!
  • Please check with an attorney, or the court where you plan to file, to make sure these are the correct forms for your specific situation.
  • I highly recommend that you check with an attorney to make sure you use the correct forms and that you complete them properly.
  • You can call the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service and ask for a referral for a $35 consultation, to a Modest Means attorney, or for a lawyer who is willing to work as a coach or on a Limited Scope Legal Assistance (aka unbundled) basis.

Here is a link to the Oregon Judicial Department’s “Separation” forms packet.  NOTE THAT THEY HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED!

From the main OJD Family Law Forms page, under “Separation”:

“Information and Packet 2 – Separation (We no longer publish these forms because budget cuts prevent us from keeping the forms current. For information on where to find court forms that are not on our website, see….

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