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Does This Blog Answer Readers’ Questions?


Short answer: No. (But your questions do give us ideas for future blog posts!)

Longer answer: The two professional law librarians currently posting to this blog serve a county of 500,000+ residents (and the rest of Oregon – and other states and countries on occasion) and run a public law library so we just don’t have the time to answer everyone’s questions. (But you can visit your own county’s Law Library and research your question!)

Longest, and perhaps more useful, answer for those with legal reference or research questions: Please read the legal research tips we provided in our August 2010 blog post:

Responses to “Oregon Legal Research Blog” Reader Legal Questions

LAST, keep in mind, this is a Legal Research blog, NOT a fee-based or free legal research service. It does not perform your legal research or provide you with legal advice, legal analysis, or legal interpretations. For those services you’ll need to talk to your elected officials or an attorney. (See also our Oregon Legal Assistance Resource Guide.)

Other Disclaimers:

It is against state law for library staff members to engage in any conduct that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law (ORS 9.160, 9.166 and 9.21). They may not interpret statutes, cases or regulations, perform legal research, recommend or assist in the preparation of forms, or advise patrons regarding their legal rights. They may, however, assist patrons in locating materials or links that would aid in individual research.

If you have a legal problem, please consult an attorney. The Oregon State Bar Information and Referral Service has a toll free number to call to get names of attorneys in your area; call their referral service at 503-684-3763 or 1-800-452-7636.

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