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Superseded Oregon Revised Statutes 1953-1993: Update


The Oregon Legislature (via Legislative Counsel) has now posted all the superseded ORS volumes we scanned (1953-93). They already have 1999-2011 ORS.

Note: It’s not very easy to find the 1953-93 archives because you have to click on some very tiny print on a different screen in order to get there. Here are my instructions from a September 2014 Gutbuster blog post: Superseded ORS on the Oregon Legislature’s Website: 1953-1981:

…. Indirect link: Visit the ORS Archives 1999-2011 webpage and click on the text (in tiny print): “Older editions of the ORS are available here and more are being added as time and resources allow.

We’re still awaiting 1995 and 1997. The Legislature has those digital files and it’s only a matter of time before those show up on the website.

(Yes, there will be a few missing pages from the ORS volumes we scanned. We found a lot of those pages after combing through dozens of ORS duplicate sets and are only waiting for the end of the current Legislative Session to send them on. Legislative Counsel has enough on their plates right now.)

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3 responses to “Superseded Oregon Revised Statutes 1953-1993: Update”

  1. Cary Allen says:

    Am I missing something in that the archives appear to only have 1999 forward as of now?

    • Laura Orr says:

      Hi Cary, you’re missing only something that should be in bigger print and not buried, so it’s not you! I’ve updated the blog post and you’ll see the relevant links to the other page. I wish they would put all those archives on one page, but alas. Best regards, Laura

  2. Jerry Curry says:

    Bravo Laura……

    Congrats and a big thank you to all that were involved in both the scanning and the persuading to make these available via the Oregon Legislature’s site. Much better there, than just available via the Oregon State Library catalog. However, we were happy to play our role in the interim.

    -Jerry Curry
    Reference Librarian
    Oregon State Library

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