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Does Your Car Repair Shop Give You an Estimate Before Making Repairs?


It should and you can always refuse to do business with them if they don’t (and put it in writing, please). But that’s too easy. There needs to be legislation requiring them to do this!

For a public policy wonk there are few things more fun than watching the Bills Go By. Visit the Oregon Legislature’s web pages to all sorts of bill searching options. Then you can track its path through Committees, Committee hearings, reports (e.g. these), floor votes, and maybe even a Governor’s signature.

Here’s a bill on requiring car repair estimates: 2009 HB 2268

* Requires vehicle repair shop to prepare estimate of work that vehicle repair shop proposes to perform on motor vehicle before beginning work. Specifies contents of estimate.

* Requires vehicle repair shop to obtain separate, specific authorization for certain types of work if work is estimated to cost motor vehicle owner or owner’s designee more than $100.

* Requires vehicle repair shop to take certain actions and prohibits vehicle repair shop from taking certain other actions.

* Permits owner of motor vehicle to designate, in writing, person as owner’s designee.

* Authorizes enforcement of violation of Act as unlawful trade practice.

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