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Does Your Chosen Candidate for Oregon Elected Office Know Local Government Budgeting Law?


They should! There are lots of ways to learn: e.g. while in a public sector job that takes an active role in the agency’s budget process, by working for an elected official, by volunteering on a government committee or for a non-profit that takes part in a local or state government budget process, or, even by reading and self-study.

For example, there is a “Local Budgeting Manual,” among many other useful training and guidance documents on public websites for anyone who wants to learn about budget timelines, requirements, and laws.

From the Local Budget Law page of the Oregon Department of Revenue:

Most local governments in Oregon must prepare and adopt an annual or biennial budget. Schools, counties, cities, rural fire protections districts, and special districts are subject to budget law.

Visit the Local Budget Law webpage at the Oregon Department of Revenue for forms, manuals, videos, and other sources of information on local government budgeting law.

You also might want to join a local Participatory Budgeting group, where you will find other inquiring minds.

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