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“Dude, what’s a CMS and how much does a website cost?”


These are not “stupid” questions. Yes, I’m sure there are “stupid” questions, but they usually come out of my mouth (why don’t people in the sun-belt and the middle-east corner the market on solar energy technology?), not the mouths of people who visit my library.

Answers to questions can be found almost anywhere, from t-shirts to novels one reads on airplanes. One place I find a lot of practical advice, simply presented, is at iLibrarian. They are masters of the Top Ten, Top Thirteen, 18 Different Ways to Do x lists. (Law librarians love finding other people who have already done half the research 🙂

These (CMS and website cost) are two questions that could be answered plenty of other places, but at iLibrarian I often read the answer right before someone emails my library with the question.

So, here’s their post on “13 Free Content Management Systems Reviewed

And here is, “Dude – I need a website how much is that”

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