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Legal Notice by Publication


Pro se litigants, and new lawyers, will ask us questions about how to “publish a legal notice.” Does it have to be in the newspaper? Which newspaper? What does the notice have to say?

Here are a few pointers, but as always, you’ll need to do some additional legal research and drafting yourself:

1) Oregon Revised Statutes (use index, including but not limited to Chapter 193)

2) Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure (use the index for references, including ORCP(F)(b))

3) Oregon Public Notice website, from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and their Legal Notice Publication Laws webpage (very useful, but read the disclaimer – in fact, you should always read disclaimers)

3) “OSB Civil Pleading and Practice” (print or online at Oregon law libraries – see sidebar for links)

4) As for drafting the notice itself, I recommend you look at published notices to see how they are worded, but don’t assume they are right for your specific circumstances. Consult an attorneyplease.

Disclaimer: It is against state law for library staff members to engage in any conduct that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law (ORS 9.160, 9.166 and 9.21). They may not interpret statutes, cases or regulations, perform legal research, recommend or assist in the preparation of forms, or advise patrons regarding their legal rights. They may, however, assist patrons in locating materials or links that would aid in individual research.

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