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Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Copyright Dispute: May 16th Update


(I last posted about this dispute here.)

Ars Technica: Fight shaping up over Oregon state law copyright claim (May 13th) (I’m not too sure about Nate Anderson’sOut West” and the “tumbleweed” references, but we need all the lightness we can get when tempers get hot. I’m a Shane gal myself 🙂

The law librarian wonk (me) also has this to say:

The legal and bibliographic (and etiquette) issues raised in this copyright dispute are many. One is about protecting access to documents that are official, authentic, and, when needed, current. Here is some information on that challenge ….

The First Anniversary of AALL’s National Summit on Authentication of Digital Legal Information

AALL is a recognized leader on the authentication of online legal information. We have just revised the information on
AALLNET to incorporate the significant progress made since the publication of our spring 2007 State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources and National Summit on Authentication of Digital Legal Information.

During the past year, we have been working with many organizations and individuals to educate them about this issue and find allies in developing digital authentication solutions. We are very pleased with the increased interest in digital authentication as a result of our leadership.

Most noteworthy is the recent decision by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to create a
Study Committee on “Online Authentication of Legal Materials.” Please take a few minutes to check out our progress for yourself.”

Source: posted here, at the AALL website.

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