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Email Phishing Scam Warning from Oregon Court of Appeals


“False “Court Case” Phishing Email Scam Widely Circulating in regards to Claiming to be from the Oregon Court of Appeals

The Oregon Judicial Department and the Appellate Records Office is warning the public about a potential computer virus that is being delivered via an email falsely claiming to be about an Oregon court case. The email references an upcoming court case; however, the email is a scam. Opening any attachment or clicking on any link in the message may trigger a malicious program designed to infect the recipient’s computer.

The email is not from the Oregon state courts nor is it about a court case. If you do have a case pending with the Court of Appeals and need to confirm a correspondence you received, please contact the Oregon Appellate Records Office at 503-986-5555….

Read the full media release at the Oregon Judicial Department’s website.

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