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Friday Funny: Justice Bedsworth Offers a Cheap Solution for Underfunded DUII Patrols


“Interactive Urinal Cakes,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth, in the OC Lawyer, December 2013:

Excerpts (footnotes omitted, but always worth reading):

Yep, that’s what it says. Interactive urinal cakes…. Apparently, someone noticed that a man who has had too much to drink may be unsteady on his feet. This might cause his stream into the urinal to waver, thereby betraying his inebriation. Inability to keep the urinal stream aimed correctly is probably directly proportional to inability to keep an automobile aimed correctly.

So in dozens of bars in Colorado, men weaving up to the urinal are challenged with a mechanical voice that says, “Keep a constant stream on this urinal cake and let’s see how drunk you are.” ….

But apparently just reminding men of the problem has a salutary effect. Colorado reports its Labor Day DUI arrests were down more than ten percent this year, the first holiday weekend in which the talking urinal cakes were deployed….” [Link to full Justice (yes! he’s a real judge!) Bedsworth column.]

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