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Reading the Law in 7 States: How to Practice Law (legally) Without Going to Law School


Just like the Rule of Real Estate: Location, location, location,
Just like the Rule of Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice,
There might soon be a Rule of Law School Without Debt: Read, read, read.

1) California: See “Intent to Study Law in a Law Office or Judge’s Chambers” for rules on reading the law”

2) Maine: Read the Maine Bar Admission Rules – see section on bar examination education requirements for rules on reading the law

3) New York: Read “combination of law school study at an ABA approved law school and law office study,” in section on “qualifying to sit for the bar examination

4) Vermont: 4 Year Law Office Study program (and here)

5) Virginia: Law Reader Program (and here)

6) Washington State: Law Clerk Program

7) Wyoming: See “educational requirements” in the Rules and Procedures Governing Admission to the Practice of Law

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