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Google Legal Scholar


I had just posted about free legal information on legal publisher websites when this hit the fan. Actually, it hit the fan yesterday, but the wind will keep blowing for a while.

It’s too soon to tell where Google’s offerings will fit into the vast world of legal research information and databases … nothing but good times ahead:

Here are a handful of blog posts that fellow law librarians compiled on the subject (thank you!):

1) Finally… Competition Returns To The Legal Research World!

2) Google Blog: Finding the laws that govern us, 11/17/2009

3) Google Scholar
4) Case Western Blog Law in Google Scholar
5) Google Makes Free Caselaw Search Available in Scholar (Internet for Lawyers)
6) Google Scholar Adds Legal Journals and Opinions (Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog)
7) Google wades into free legal research (for Texas, too!) (The Supreme Court of Texas Blog)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems like it could be a very welcome addition to the quiver of Google arrows/tools. I work in a public agency, and though our need is arguably not as strong as a private practitioner's, having access to supporting authority for our positions is going to be very welcome. I've now bookmarked Google Scholar. Thanks for the heads-up, Laura.

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