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Guides to Oregon Legislative History


(Conferences (past and future) are as bad for blogging habits as are vacations, but I, and my readers, soldier on 🙂

This week, we’ve been getting quite a few Legislative History questions, from hither and yon, about new and old statutes. So, in the interest of those who would like a few hints on where to begin (and end), here are links to a few guides:

1) A quick and easy guide, from Oregon Dept of Admin Services (not pretty or well-formatted, but this guide does the trick without unnecessary bells and whistles).

2) If you want more descriptive guides, try these links: Compiling an Oregon Legislative History
(and keep an eye out for this in the future:
Oregon Ballot Measure Archive Project)

3) If you want another state’s legislative history: State Legislative History Guides on the Web)

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