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Law Librarians, Hollywood and Portland (with a side of lawyers)


1) Lest you think lawyers and law librarians don’t have no fun, take a look at these:

2) Hollywood Librarians (the movie) coming to Portland (Oregon).

3) Thousands of Law Librarians (!) coming to Portland, July 12-15th, 2008.

4) At f/k/a, July 6th (better late than never): Let’s celebrate kissing and chocolate

5) Bedsworth, of course.

6) Unshelved (over 25,000 RSS subscribers!)

7) Library Yoga

8) Cuddly Microfiche Reader (see page 13 for picture – reminds you of something, doesn’t it?) (And, see page 10 for an application of the boustrophedon writing method.)

9) Law Librarian blog: yes, blogging is fun!

10) Dating and the Law: a preview of librarian dating (I’ve been working on a dating and the law blog post, but will probably be 65 by the time it’s finished – better late than never 🙂

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