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Handbags and Why Do They (Big Law Associates) Hate Us (Big Law)?


If you ever thought working for Big Bucks in Big Law was Nirvana, think again:

From Fastcase blog: Legal Tabloids Creating Headaches for Firms

‘“Blogs have democratized the means of production for publishers, leading to a fast proliferation of new media. Several of the most prominent legal blogs, including Above the Law and Greedy Associates, began as niche publishing outlets for salary information and legal gossip — but since have become genuine new media phenomena in their own right – to the chagrin of some law firms, which provide seemingly constant fodder. This week, the National Law Journal outlines some of the steps that firms have taken to prevent their associates from leaking information to these popular internet hubs….
David Lat, editor of Above the Law, has mused: “Anything that is visible with the human eye can be leaked.”’ (read full post)

And don’t forget this: Margaret Thatcher was said to have replied, when asked why she as Prime Minister (with a thousand minions) carried a handbag: “My handbag doesn’t leak!” (See also, from the Mirror: BARONESS Thatcher, on the other hand, prefers to carry a small but impeccably turned-out bag, the contents of which are sparse but highly ordered. During her long stint as Prime Minister she said: “Anything I want to keep quiet is usually in my handbag. I usually say my handbag is the safest thing in Number 10. “Things don’t leak from my handbag. They leak from elsewhere.”)

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