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Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday, Oregon!


Yes, it’s Oregon Birthday, but we’re going to focus on lawyer love, instead.  Sad, I know, and perhaps ultimately futile, but one must try.

We will start with the “The Restatement of Love,” which was published in the Yale Law Journal (full cite: 104 Yale L.J. 707 (1994)).  (If you can’t find a copy online, check with local library databases or email us here at Oregon Legal Research Central.)

Next, let’s laugh at the language of the legal profession – and if you’re not having enough laughter in your job then it’s time to rethink your career choice.

No, I’m not a career counselor and you don’t have to pay the least attention to any career advice I give.  But I do love my job and the language of my chosen profession, even if we don’t talk about things like fried RAM (ahem – Nerds Rule!).

But we do have phrases in the law that could appear in a Lawyer’s Valentine, yes, no, maybe? (And you can look them up on any number of online legal dictionaries; here’s a link to Nolo’s Free Dictionary of Law), or just make up your own definitions or use them in a funny Valentine to your favorite lawyer:

1) Tender letters and offers
2) Motions to strike
3) Pleadings
4) Demand letters
5) Prayers

Last, here is some advice for writers who have characters who are lawyers.  This advice applies not just to lawyers in romance novels, either:

“Lawyers in Love – The Biggest Mistakes Romance Writers Make,” 31 October 2011

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