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How Do I Get Copies of My Divorce Records?


We’ve been receiving numerous calls lately from people wanting copies of their divorce records.  The first step is knowing which county would have the records (where did the divorce occur?).  From there, you need to contact the applicable circuit court.  The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) provides links to each circuit court (left-hand side of the page in a drop-down list under “Circuit Court Websites”).  OJD also provides these instructions for finding copies of court records or information on court cases.  Note, your court records may be in the court’s archives or another off-site location, affecting the amount of time the request will take.  Some courts handle record requests both in person and by mail.  See the Washington County Circuit Court Records Department webpage for information on obtaining Washington County court records (the page also provides information on the difference between copies, certified copies, and exemplified copies). You can find more information on divorce and family law matters in Washington County at the law library’s divorce/family law page.

If you are looking for information on finding copies of Oregon marriage licenses, see Laura’s blog post from June 2009.  The law library’s divorce/family law page also has information on filing and finding vital records.

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