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How Do You Want to be Remembered? A Tribute to California Appellate Court Presiding Justice, David Sills

Lest you think Justice Bedsworth writes only humor – and appellate court decisions, read on:
“… The PJ’s job is no different than the other justices’ except that you have to do all the administrative stuff in addition to the judicial duties. It’s pretty much a matter of, “We have eight people who are going to do this job: seven of them will do the job on horseback; you will do it while carrying a horse.”
He was as kind and generous a man as I’ve ever known. Rooms got warmer and brighter when Dave Sills walked into them. People got better. Problems seemed smaller. …
He loved history and politics the way most men love burgers and beer. Books on both overflowed the beautiful bookshelves he’d built in his workshop to line the walls of his study. But if you were up for burgers and beer, he’d be right there with you, talking about the Angels or Tiger Woods, or the fortunes of the Bradley Braves or his beloved Illinois. …” [Link to full tribute.]
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