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How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon – in 6 Easy Steps


We (meaning my stupendous library assistants and I) have finally released a copy of our How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon – in 6 Easy Steps. (If this direct link to the PDF doesn’t work, try from my library’s hompage, and click on the Legal Research Resources Overview tab.)

This guide started out around 3 pages and we cut, and cut, and cut (no one wants to read 3 pages on finding a lawyer!), so maybe it is too bare bones now. But give it a try and send along suggestions we’ll consider for a future update.

And for Washington County residents (lots of Mult Co listings too), the 2008 Community Action Find guide is out too. You can search it online at their excellent database, but my library and others keep a print copy handy. It is a fabulous resource and complement to our How to Find a Lawyer guide.

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