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Oregon Laws 2007 and the Family Fairness Act


The 2007 Oregon Family Fairness Act * is a good excuse to give you a mini-primer on how to find Oregon laws, when the new statutes are about to be published, even though everyone thinks they should already be out and can’t figure out why they can’t be found. (I could explain the lengthy and laborious process of codification to you, but you’d fall asleep, so I won’t.)

As you try and follow the links below, remember that direct links to certain legislative pages just aren’t always possible. You have to go to a “home” page and then drill down. (Yes, very sad, but you have to take that up with your State Senators and Representatives.)

Full speed ahead:

The 2007 Oregon Revised Statutes will be online, by February 2008. The print 2007 ORS will be out sooner. (Don’t ask me why – I don’t make these rules.)

The 2007 Advance Sheets, by CHAPTER NUMBER. (You sometimes need to get to these not directly (I tried), but by linking from the Secretary of the Senate home page, OR, click on SENATE from here, and follow the links.)

The 2007 House and Senate measures, by BILL NUMBER. This direct link should work, BUT if not, go here and click on the top BILLS/LAWS tab.

Or you can call the wonderful Oregon Legislative Liaisons in Salem, at 503-986-1000 or your local county law library.

Last but not least, the February 2008 session of the legislature, is NOT a SPECIAL Session. It is a SUPPLEMENTAL session. Keep an eye on it.

*The Oregon State Bar (OSB) Bulletin has an article about the 2007 Family Fairness Act in the December 2007 issue (try their archives if a more recent issue is out).

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