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How to Find Oregon Appellate Court Cases

You will not find a link (as of today) to Oregon appellate court cases at the OJD Self-Help website.
You will find a link from the OJD homepage, their Appellate Case Info page, or their Publications page.
This is not a horrible thing. Really!
First, if you’re searching for a particular case, you can easily find it using one of our handy-dandy How to Find a Case Online blog posts. (Google Scholar is the fastest for this kind of search, but you might need one of the other free databases if the case is not on Google Scholar.)
Second: If you’re looking for cases on a subject, you wouldn’t use a chronological list of cases.  You need a case law database that allows you to search by keyword.  You will need to try out one of these or subscribe to a legal database yourself or visit a law library and use their print or online research tools.
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