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How to Find Oregon Base Fines (Traffic)


I know, I know. The OJD website is just not that easy to navigate, and it often drops you into holes you can’t get out of without having to return to Oz (or Google), but it is the best place to find current and official Oregon Base Fines.

Here are some tips:

1) Visit the OJD website
a) Click on Materials and Resources
b) Click on Court Rules
c) Click on the drop down menu
d) Select Base Fine Summary and click on View to read the PDF.
e) Voila!

2) You can also make a direct link to the Base Fines Schedules, when the link works, which is has been doing lately.

3) Some Oregon County Circuit Court websites will link to the latest Base Fine Schedule, but you may run into the same problem as above, so contact your Circuit Court directly if you have questions.

4) You can also use Google (or other search engine of choice) to search for Oregon Base Fines, but make sure the result you get is the current schedule, not 2006 or 1999. I also prefer to use official sites, e.g. dot gov, so if you use an unofficial one, e.g. dot org or dot com, check with your court to make sure the information is accurate.

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2 responses to “How to Find Oregon Base Fines (Traffic)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who determines the base fine amount, the city, county or the state legislator?

    • bryan says:

      senior judges. Every year the senior judges sit down and decide what the fines for each traffic offense should be and what the standard bail for each misdemeanor should be

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